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Bhopa Musicians

Work Initiative Programme

The Bhopa are the storytellers and musicians of the Gypsy castes. Historically, they travel the region with the Phad, a mobile temple for the folklore God, Pabuji and sing in a couple, man and wife, the adventures of Pabuji. Sometimes these would last all night for a week. There are two blogs on our blog page about the Phad and the instrument, the ravanahatha.

Bhopa Music: Welcome

The Ravanahatha and Work

Work Programme and Culture

Around Pushkar lake, at Sunset Point, in Pushkar Market and out in the desert where all the horse, jeep and camel rides are situated, you will find Bhopa men walking and playing the ravanahatha. This string instrument accompanies singing and dancing, evoking age-old times and showcasing Bhopa culture.

Bhopa Music: About

Work Programme

Papu Bhopa

This is a promo Video we made for Papu. He is an excellent player and singer of the Phad. Many Bhopa are not literate and find social media hard to navigate. However, they are still seeking work and when word of mouth is not enough, our work initiative hopes to bridge the technical gap and promote them and their culture. We hope you enjoy their offerings.

Bhopa Music: Video

Gatherings in the desert

This is snapshot of a Bhopa quartet entertaining a sadhu out in the desert near Pushkar. Bhopa do not just sing the Phad. There are happy joyful ditties, drinking songs as well as deeply moving and soulful compositions.

Bhopa Music: Video

Making the instrument

Khrisna's promo video

This is Khrisna's video promotion. He make ravanahatha's too. So does Papu. Khrisna and Papu are from the Railway village.
In Bhopa Basti, out in the desert, Ghasi and Ram make beautiful ravanhatha's as well. It is a long and truly artisanal process. Some older models are very sought after. It is thought to have been the precursor to the violin.

Bhopa Music: Video
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