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Requesting Your Support

Make a difference to a life forever

Donate: Donate

Annual or Monthly Donation

Help Us Make a Difference

Sponsor a child’s education; Build a house. It costs £260/R26,000 to build a grasshouse or pay for a child to attend school for a year.
Set up a monthly payment and you can follow the progress of the village and
the lives you are empowering. Every contribution is so impactful to this community.
Click below to donate now

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One-Time Donation

Support Us

No amount is too small or too large.
We appreciate all types of help – your energy and expertise; donations,
fundraising abilities, the sharing of our posts and videos on your social media.
We are raising awareness and providing sustainable change for the marginalised,
yet rich culture of the Bhopa tribe. They face many of the challenges that poverty and the desert climate bring.


Volunteer Your Time

Change a Life

Make a meaningful connection:
Get in touch to see how your skill-set and expertise could be utilised for the
betterment of the village community. Enjoy being part of a transfer of knowledge;
Teach a vocational skill to an adult, learn about the Bhopa’s way of life;
Help promote the Bhopa culture and raise money for village projects.
Be part of something Bhopa.

Become an ambassador

Bringing Hope to the World

At Bhopa villlage, we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to help those who need it most. With an array of fundraising events and volunteer projects, we welcome you to join our endeavours. Become an ambassador; hold your own fundraising event in your own country and raise funds for us to continue this useful and happy work. Contact us to visit or help when in Pushkar. You could also share our posts on social media - see the top and bottom of this page for links to Facebook and Instagram. All this helps get the Bhopa culture and betterment programme more support. Even just liking and following us helps helps drive traffic to our website and shared posts. Thank you.

Donate: Welcome
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